Say No to Frustration

3/31/20242 min read

Say No to Frustration

I never submitted any piece for publication before, let alone written an article to any platform. Hesitation engulfs me due to fear, mockery, etc. I will try to blog here and hopefully; it can reach some readers and will be able to encourage and inspire.

When I looked and took photos of trees, wilderness, wildlife, wildflowers, etc. I felt I was taking a dose of medicine for my depression. Sometimes just merely looking at them you will already feel the effect of healing. I also sometimes talked to nature, gave thanks for their wonderful palette that my vision is seeing.

Generally, when we get frustrated anger follows, dissatisfaction, we feel that it's always our fault, and the worst we blame ourselves. These are all fruits of frustration that lead to depression. As a learner to be a nature and landscape photographer, I discovered becoming frustrated is the main culprit in capturing the results that I desire in my images. Frustration can ruin our motivation, enthusiasm, and our intention to create. It will trigger depression then our healing journey caught unguarded.

My frustrations enjoy the ride every time I go outdoors to photograph nature. When to focus unable to lock correctly, fail to compose correctly, wrong exposures, my frustration is celebrated. The depression pushed me to pack up and go home. But I never gave up, one weekend the weather was gorgeous, with dramatic clouds and, a promising sunrise. I need to be there in my favorite forest near my home before the horizon turns yellow-orange and captures the morning. Sure, my frustration accompanied me to a joyride. When I arrived at the location, a dense fog engulfed the surroundings, so low that grasses and trees were covered completely. I felt my frustration preparing to attack. But this time, I never let it win to set off my depression and swallow me again. Now, I cut the cord connecting me, my frustration, and my depression. I redirect Mr. Frustration to exit my milieu and welcome Mr. Creative to refocus to continue my journey. The answer is "patience," and I was able to recompose my shots into a different perspective away from my usual style. I embrace the moment, and I use the fog in my composition, calculate the proper exposures, and review the depth of field and focal length of my subject. I also tried different positions, shooting from the waist and the ground, etc. It worked, and Mr. Frustration bid his goodbye and lost his ride. The Great Depression calmed down.

Say No to frustration is a win-win for us suffering from depression. You can discover your patience, creativity and try to divert your frustration. Do not leave your journey to heal and avoid falling into the realm of failures. Do not let your frustration dominate you.

The healing journey continues, nurtured and treasured.