Do self-heal photography.

5/6/20242 min read

Burn-out does not discriminate, and it affects everybody, every race, any age, and any profession, even health professionals, especially us nurses. When we experience frustration, pain, burn-out, etc., we are bound to develop anxiety and depression. When those attacked me, I sought to heal aside from medications and therapies. I found that photography played a role in my journey to healing and recovery.

There are no other feelings higher than having freedom. Being free is the essence of independence. When our burn-out attacks, we feel that we are in a square world with four corners: medications, rounds, bedside care, and computer dilemma. We do not want that square to turn into a circle with a repetitive cycle with no end. We need to go out and release the tension from our bodies and mind. Go outdoors, explore nature, rest your eyes, clear your thoughts, and relieve yourself from heavy burden.

To discover freedom from burn-out, let your healing journey integrate photography. You don't need to spend a lot if you don't have a camera, don't worry, I'm sure your cellphone has one, which will do just great. Go outdoors every opportunity you can get, and please forget social media; this is for yourself. The purpose is that "every click of a shutter is a click of freedom and healing." It is your shot, your photo, your life, your health, your journey, and your freedom. Then, take a deep breath and shout, "I am FREE." 

We discovered our freedom, now is the time to move forward in our life journey. It is a long process; we expect turbulence in our life; we will encounter so many wrong turns, fall short to the left, and discouragement to the right. Yes, it is not a comfortable journey, but we can overcome every barrier to cross the bridge and reach our goals through positivity. Along the way, we will encounter antagonistic scenes, hostility, and resentment. But they are obstacles that we need to conquer.

With support from utilizing photography, it will encourage us, lift us, and help us stand out when we are down and burned out. Taking photos is a salt of inspiration to continue to follow the straight path and move forward to reach the destination, the wonderland of healing.

Thank you all for your time reading. Stay safe and enjoy your journey.